Vision/Mission Statement



Goals & Objectives

From the above philosophy, the goals and objectives include, but are not limited to the following statements.

1. To provide quality education following a United States curriculum that prepares students for successful entrance into university.

2. To stress open-mindedness, a tolerance for multiple perspectives, and a knowledge of various cultures and languages.

3. To stress high expectations for achievement in which students can fully develop their individual potentials.

4. To help develop the students skills in self-evaluation, self-discipline and acceptance of responsibility.

5. To develop higher level cognitive skills, strategic thinking in the use of these skills, rich content of knowledge, deep understanding of concepts, and an effective use and knowledge of technology.

6. To emphasize cooperative learning and teaching at all grade levels and in all areas of the curriculum.

7. To provide educational guidance and direction to foster healthy social development including but not limited to the following objectives:

  • The importance of personal integrity and individual responsibility for attitudes, behavior and lifelong learning.
  • A respect for the dignity and worth of each and every individual and universal human rights.
  • The responsibility of the individual to family and community.
  • An emphasis on positive attitudes and behavior which demonstrate courtesy, kindness and compassion.
  • Commitment to environmental conservation and the prudent use of natural resources.
  • A commitment to non-violent means of conflict resolution in personal, community and civil affairs and relationships.
  • The value of fair play in sports and the relative importance of competition.
  • A holistic perspective concerning the physical, cognitive, emotional and ethical growth and development of individuals and communities.