Elementary School


Elementary School (Grades 1-5)



es1Our Elementary curriculum covers the four core subject areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In addition students in our elementary program receive classes in Computers, Physical Education, Art, Music, Library Studies, and either Conversational Thai Language and Culture or Thai for Thai Nationals.

A variety of after school clubs and sports activities are also available. A Science/Math Fair, International Day, Sports Day, Spelling Bee, Poetry Contest, and other events are held during the year.


Progress Reports and Report Cards:












Each academic year has two grading periods: Semester 1, beginning in August and ending in December; and Semester 2 beginning in January and ending in June. At the halfway point in each semester, progress reports will be given; this will allow parents and students to see how they are progressing both academically and behaviorally in their classes. Parent/Teacher conferences are also held at this time,


English Language Support (ELS)

The department is well staffed by several qualified teachers. It is a flexible program designed to meet the individual needs of the student with the primary aim being to help students with the academic language skills necessary to access the mainstream curriculum and function at a level appropriate to their grade.

All students undergo a screening assessment at the beginning of each school year in order to determine their English language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. This involves an oral interview, a reading comprehension test and a writing sample. The results of the assessment determine whether or not a student requires language support. They will also determine the level and type of support required.


The language support program is delivered in a variety of ways. For students requiring intensive support in small classes, a pull-out system is used. They are withdrawn from the homeroom and taught in a separate ELS classroom where the objectives are set by the ELS teacher.

The ELS teacher works alongside the homeroom teacher, following their objectives and allowing all the students the benefit of 2 teachers.

On occasion a subject area may be taught as part of the Language Support Program. This most often occurs with Language Arts where the level of English in the homeroom is too complex for students at a beginner or intermediate level of English.

Resources are designed specifically for the individual students at any given time as this varies year by year. Objectives are set in conjunction with the homeroom teacher and reflect the mainstream curriculum. The ELS and Homeroom teachers continuously evaluate and revise these objectives according to the individual student’s language development