What is the AAP?

The Nakornpayap International School (NIS) Academic Access Program (AAP) bridges the gap between a student’s current English ability and the minimum standard required to study in the NIS mainstream international elementary school program. The AAP teaches Common Core State Standards (CCSS) material in a strong ESL environment for the benefit of students with limited English abilities. AAP students eventually move to the mainstream NIS programs once their English abilities improve to a point where they no longer need the intense ESL support. We are currently accepting student’s aged 6 to 11.  



There are two main assessments used to determine acceptance of AAP students into the NIS mainstream elementary school program. The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test and the Reading A-Z  (RAZ) level of the student. For the MAP test, students whose reading scores are 6 months behind the mainstream students can enter the elementary program. For RAZ, students are required to read at their level for their age. The AAP trains students to reach these milestone so they can integrate into the mainstream international program.


Mr. Paul Kleinschmidt welcomes students to the AAP on the first day of class.


The creativity and happiness of our students are enhanced with our art program.


Our Program

The AAP provides an immersive English environment from 8 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday in a multi-cultural classroom taught by native English speakers. Our program not only teaches English Language Arts but also math, science, social studies, ICT, art and Physical Education. Currently, we have 3 ability levels with plans to open the 4th level as the needs arise. 



Period Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
HR 8:00-8:10 Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom
P1 8:10-8:55 Math Math Math Math Math
P2 9:00-9:45 P.E. Art P.E. Art P.E.
Bk 9:45-10:00 Break Break Break Break Break
P3 10:00-10:45 ELA ELA ELA ELA ELA
P4 10:50-11:35 Soc/Sci Soc/Sci Soc/Sci Soc/Sci Soc/Sci
Lunch 11:35-12:20 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
P5 12:20-1:05 Soc/Sci Library ELA Library Soc/Sci
P6 1:10-1:55 ELA ELA ELA ELA ELA
P7 2:00-2:45 IT-Typing IT-Student Choice IT-Typing IT-Student Choice IT-Typing
HR 2:45-2:55 Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom
Notes: ELA=English Language Arts, Soc/Sci=Social Studies/Science


Apply Today

For more information on the AAP and our program please contact the NIS Admissions office at telephone number +66-53-110-680 extension 104 or email at admissions@nis.ac.th.

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