Meet our team

Michael Oakley

The mission of the department of social sciences at NIS is to develop capable citizens who are empowered with knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to make informed and responsible decisions in a diverse and interdependent world. We strive to serve the school and the community as a source of social science information in addressing matters…

Amy Krissanawan

The Science Department aims to provide students with a strong foundation in the elements of scientific method, theory, laboratory practice and how to effectively communicate their findings. We encourage our students to be inquisitive and strive to find answers to questions using scientific methodology.

Mack Sissine

Our goal is to create a safe, inclusive environment in which students from all backgrounds and learning styles can develop their physical, social, and cognitive skills through a sequential physical education and health program.

Matthew Ingle

The Math Department aims to create an accommodating yet challenging environment for the study of mathematics that, while building skillful fluency, emphasizes creative understanding and independent student learning.

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