“I am a farmer”. That is what I tell people when they ask what I do. I am a farmer who plants seeds of knowledge for the future generation and I am proud to be doing what I am. Students are different in many ways. A teacher has to be an active person and a fast learner at the same time. As a teacher, I have to be a reader, a gamer and a fighter. That means that even though I teach the same topics as last year, I have to make it better and different to engage the students for this year. I always try to make my material suit my students best possible way I can and I try to make it fun and interesting. I have to be a fighter. I will identify and fight any mistakes I may have made in my teaching. If what I teach today isn’t successful, I have to find other ways to make it better tomorrow. I constantly strive to improve my teaching methodologies, my material and better my relationships with my students. I have taught both Thai students and international students for over ten years and have a Bachelor of Arts in Thai Language from Chiang Mai University.

Nin Manosoi
Middle & High School Thai Language Teacher