College Counseling


“Where you go, is not who you will be”  – Frank Bruni


The Counseling Department at NIS is dedicated in providing students with career/college guidance starting from the 9th grade with the ultimate goal of getting students into a school that is the right fit for them. This process is more about informing students that, although they are young, the time for decision making is not that far off. The college application process is both intimidating and exciting, and it requires good preparation. NIS’s formal college guidance officially begins in Grade 11, however, students begin the process in Grade 9 with regular academic and college guidance including information about transcripts, required and elective courses and promoting extracurricular activities. As an international school, we are aware of the varying needs of students applying to different countries and are able to foster their college preparation that is best suited to their individual goals.


In addition to one-to-one college preperation sessions with counselors, students have access to numerous college-planning resources as well as College Preparation classes. In College Prep, students are able to learn about required standardized tests, expected scores, college application processes and admission essay writing techniques. They will also experience visits from higher institutions from all over the world. NIS hosts visits from North American, Asian and European colleges (amongst others), and is an active participant in college fairs, where institutions from multiple countries are represented. We work very closely with Education USA, IDP and the British Council in Chiang Mai Thailand to enhance our college/career support resources. Along with the school’s hosted college visits, the High School Library and the Counselor’s office has a wealth of college guidance books and information sources.


Here at NIS, we take pride in our strong community and measure our  success by the success of our graduates. In an ever changing work market, we are committed to improving the process and expanding available resources for our students.


Congratulations graduates! You did it!

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