Counseling Services

At NIS, our counselors provide academic, social-emotional and college/guidance services to our students school-wide. We also provide life skills classes,  college preparation classes, psycho-educational information and referrals follow up.


What is Counseling at NIS?


  • Confidentiality
  • Academic- course selection, academic support.
  • Counseling (as a supportive service, not punishment)
  • We provide social-emotional support to students. Separation anxiety, handling tantrums, regulating emotions, self-esteem, friendship, behavior concerns, etc.
  • We help children identify strategies and provide weekly Life Skills classes to help support these concerns. These classes are individualized according to their grade level.
  • We provide short-term services and short-term parent consultations.
  • We provide information and referrals to specialists in Chiang Mai. This is to further help your child succeed in school and explore different resources for your child’s best interests.
  • Coffee Sessions: to increase parent involvement and to better communicate between the Counseling Department and parents/guardians.
  • College preparation/counseling and unis/colleges information.


For referrals, please click here.

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