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High School - Nakornpayap International School

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High School

The High School curriculum (Grades 9–12) is College Preparatory in nature, offering a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The graduation requirements and the elective courses offered ensure eligibility for universities and colleges around the world. All High School students are required to complete a four-year plan by selecting courses noted in the Student Parent Hand-book, especially if they decide to take AP Courses in Grades 11–12. Our guidance and counselling staff assists students with their course selection.

NIS, and indeed the US-education system, is unique in that it allows students the creative freedom to study subjects in their areas of interest. Not only is this of great motivation to students, it can also assist them in targeting specific university majors as they build and customize their high school transcript. In addition to a raft of Advanced Placement (College Board) courses, students can choose to study a range of elective courses ranging from World Languages from native-speakers to Design & Technology courses in our fully-equipped campus workshop.

The program operates on a four-day rotating cycle (A-B-C-D day). Each day consists of six 55-minute periods. There are 180 school days scheduled in each academic year (45 cycles).

High school credits are accumulated from Grade 9 onward. Each High School course, both core and elective courses of study, meet for an equal amount of contact time – three classes per four-day cycle. All courses have equal graduation credit (2 credits). The contact time for each course in High School during an academic year is as follows:

In addition to the above required courses by grade level, student must fulfill the following elective, Thai Language course, and Community Service requirements:

Elective Course Requirement:

  1. Two courses in the Social Science or Economics pathway (4 credits)
  2. One course in the Fine Arts pathway (2 credits)
  3. One course in the Physical Education pathway (2 credits)
  4. One course in the Computer Science or Media Studies pathway (2 credits) 


Thai Language Course Requirement:

  • Native-Thai students must have 8 credits (four academic years) of Thai language courses recorded on their high school transcript.
  • Non-native Thai students must have at least two academic year of Thai language instruction.
  • Thai language courses can be selected for study during the regular period 1-6 school day as a full elective class, or as part of a ‘7th period’/ independent study option.
Community Service is a graduation requirement at NIS and will be recorded on the graduation transcript. Between grades 9-12, students are required to complete 60 hours of Community Service. 20 hours must be arranged with organizations outside of the school. The remaining 40 hours can be obtained via in-school opportunities, such as Summer School volunteering, peer tutoring, coaching, and Student Council volunteering.Students must also fulfil the following elective and Thai Language graduation course requirements:

Grade Point Average (GPA):

The High School uses the traditional 4.00 scale grading system. Credits are awarded for each course of study at the end of each semester. All numeric percentage grades are converted to a letter grade. Letter grades are then converted to grade points.

Upon graduation, the cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) will be recorded on the Official Student Transcript for each semester of study. A student’s final High School Grade Point Average is the average of all semester GPAs.

The GPA that appears on the student’s transcript is calculated based on the following Course Grade Weighting table:

Course Grade Weighting

Percentage GradeGradeGrade PointStandards Description
95%-100%A+4.00Far Exceeding
59% and belowF0.00Failing
–        P–        Passing

 (no credit is given)

–        I–        Incomplete

Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors Level Courses

AP and Honors Level courses are calculated based on the following Course Grade Weighting table:

Honors and Advanced Placement Course Grade Weighting
Percentage GradeGradeGrade PointStandards Description
95%-100% A+5.00Far Exceeding
59% and belowF0.00Failing


If you have any questions, or would like further information, please contact our Head of Academic Affairs, Mr. Ben. –


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