High School

The High School curriculum (Grades 9–12) is College Preparatory in nature, offering a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The graduation requirements and the elective courses offered ensure eligibility for universities and colleges around the world. All High School students are required to complete a four-year plan by selecting courses noted in the Student Parent Hand-book, especially if they decide to take AP Courses in Grades 11–12. Our guidance and counselling staff assists students with their course selection.

NIS, and indeed the US-education system, is unique in that it allows students the creative freedom to study subjects in their areas of interest. Not only is this of great motivation to students, it can also assist them in targeting specific university majors as they build and customize their high school transcript.

Below are important links regarding our course selection. Please click on the link for more information.

High School Course List

Summary of our courses offered

AP Pathways

Prerequisites for AP courses

High School Course Catalog

Detailed descriptions of each course

High School Course Videos

Teacher-made videos

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