Our Philosophy
Nakornpayap International School provides a multi-cultural setting where students are provided the opportunity to acquire a globally recognized and well-rounded education. NIS strives to develop knowledgeable, confident, collaborative, creative, engaged, and responsible world citizens. Not only do we stress development of the individual, but also emphasize the importance of living meaningfully and effectively in a larger society and world. NIS believes that not all learning takes place in the classroom. NIS offers a strong program of extra-curricular activities and sports where students can fully develop individual potential along with leadership skills and self-esteem. As education is an ongoing process, students are encouraged to become lifelong learners prepared to meet ever changing future challenges.


Our Vision

Education Through Diversity
Promote passionate, life-long learners who strive for academic excellence through a well-balanced and relevant curriculum


Our Mission
Nakornpayap International School will embrace diverse cultures and effectively collaborate with all stakeholders and the local community. NIS will respect the importance of inclusive relationships, built from mutual support, while nurturing engaged, confident, and empathetic students.
Our goal is to develop critical thinkers, who are active, caring members of the global community.

Our Values
Collaborative, Responsible, Honest, Respectful, Supportive, Critical Thinkers



Students will acquire knowledge to explore and create solutions to problems in a changing global community.

Process of Learning

Students will become creative, engaged, independent, and collaborative learners and critical thinkers.


Students will become empathetic and co-operative communicators within NIS and the world around us.


Students will become confident self-reflective, and respectful learners within a diverse community.

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