Student Council Elections!

On September 3rd was NIS Student Council Election Day! After two weeks of campaigning, it was finally the day where the candidate teams presented their goals, future plans, and promises to all Middle and High School students. This year there were five teams that were in the running for student council: Issues, Daddy Long Legs, Incredibles, Loyals, and Magic. The teams did really well and really helped give the audiences more insights into their campaign and the personality of each group.

Mr. Steve, our School Principal, said:

“Yesterday’s elections were amazing! All the presentations were full of energy and enthusiasm. The students were thoughtful, articulate, and on point with their answers during the Question & Answer session. I was thoroughly impressed! I honestly believe this was one of the BEST school election processes that I have observed in my educational career.”

Once again, thank you to:

for all your time and energy over the past 2 weeks of this campaign.

This year’s NIS Student Council is: ISSUES!!


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