Yaomin got a scholarship to study in Japan!

Yaomin (2017 graduate) is going to Japan with a 65% tuition scholarship!! She will be attending Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, ranked in the top 25 universities of Japan by
Times Higher Education. Congratulations, Yaomin!

After studying Japanese language intensively for the past six months, Yaomin feels prepared to take on this new adventure in Japan. Yaomin will be majoring in Asia Pacific Studies with a concentration on Culture, Society, and Media. 

Who is Yaomin?

Yaomin has been at NIS since Middle School. She is well-known for her two passions – Japanese language & culture and arts & media. Yaomin took Japanese language, art and
dance classes all throughout Middle and High School. Growing up at an international school, Yaomin is very interested in how people with multicultural backgrounds manipulate media
and arts to communicate their experiences. Yaomin has produced countless pieces of artwork drawn with Japanese animation as the influence. She also performed at all school
wide events, talent shows, and at Central Festival. When she wasn’t busy with school work, rehearsals, and art, Yaomin volunteered her time translating documents and tutoring the
younger Japanese students at NIS.

Yaomin performing Gokuraku Jodo at the NIS Dream Big Talent Show
Yaomin receiving her High School Diploma at the Class of 2017 Graduation Ceremony
Artwork created by Yaomin
Artwork created by Yaomin
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