NIS SCHOOL FEES: 2020/2021

August 10th is the first day of the 2020-2021 academic year.

  • Semester 1: August 10, 2020 – December 18, 2020 Payment Due: Until July 31, 2020
  • Semester 2: January 11, 2021 – June 11, 2021 Payment Due: Until December 31, 2020
No.One-Time Fees for New Enrolling StudentAmount/THB.
1Application/Evaluation Fee: non-refundable5,000 THB
2Registration Fee: non-refundable (Family discount available)66,000 THB
3Book Deposit: refundable10,000 THB
4Damage Deposit: refundable20,000 THB
  • The Registration Fee is applicable to students from all grades, but families with three (3) or more children qualify for the one-time Family Registration Discount and pay only 132,000 THB (66,000 x 2).
  • The Application/Evaluation Fee and the Registration Fee are non-refundable.
  • The One-Time Fees for New Enrollment student must be paid within seven (7) days after notification of the acceptance of the student into NIS. The student’s enrollment in NIS is not guaranteed, nor will any official school visa documents be issued, until these fees are paid.
  • The above information is subject to change. NIS reserves the right to change the fees structure without prior notice.
ProgramPer Semester/THBPer Year/THB
Early Childhood Center (K1-K3)104,000 THB208,000 THB
Elementary School (Grade 1-5)150,000 THB300,000 THB
Middle School (Grade 6-8)170,000 THB340,000 THB
High School (Grade 9-12)178,500 THB357,000 THB
Academic Access Program150,000 THB300,000 THB
  • A Sibling discount of 6,000 THB per student, per semester, is available for families with two (2) or more children. This discount is not applicable to the first child entering NIS.
  • Tuition Fee for Elementary Program (Grade 1-5) is inclusive of ELS (English Language Support).
  • Early Childhood Center (K1-K3) Tuition Fee includes daily meals: breakfast, lunch, and snacks.
  • Elementary School (G1-G5) and Academic Access Program Junior Program Tuition Fee includes daily buffet lunch.
  • Tuition fees are inclusive of accident insurance (20,000 THB per accident) and basic dental insurance for all students.
  • All tuition/fees must be paid in full no later than (7) working days prior to the student starting school (Monday – Friday, NIS holidays excluded).
  • The above information is subject to change. NIS reserves the right to change the fees structure without prior notice.

Tuition Fees must be paid in full prior to the beginning of each semester.

Parents who wish to withdraw their child from the school, and have already paid tuition fees for the upcoming semester, must notify the Registrar seven (7) days prior to the beginning of the semester in order to be eligible for a refund of tuition fees and deposits.

If parents wish to withdraw their child after the semester officially begins, tuition and deposits refunds will be granted in accordance to the following terms:

  • From Day 1 to day 10 of the semester – 50% refund
  • From day 11 to day 20 of the semester – 25% refund
  • After day 21 of the semester – 0% refund
    (*Semester Days include Saturdays and Sundays)
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